What is Meal prep and how do I order?

We offer fully cooked healthy meals every week. We post our menu on our website.  You can either pre-order (subscription) by Monday at 12 pm for pickup beginning Friday at 10:30 am or utilize the Grab-n-Go fridge.    Pre-ordering saves money.  The Grab-n-Go fridge in our storefront is available on a first come first serve basis.

Do you offer Gluten Free and Vegetarian meals? What variations to the meals can be made?

Some of our meals are gluten free (GF) and we offer at least one vegetarian meal (VG) per week.  Sometimes the meal may be Vegan (V).  We batch cook all of our food; therefore, we currently do not accept special orders (like food with no garlic). Athlete and Low Carb meals must be pre-ordered as a subscription customer or by paying a week in advance at out storefront.  We do offer three size of meals; 

Traditional – contain 4 oz of protein, 3 oz healthy carb and 3 oz veggies

Athlete – contain 6 oz of protein , 5 oz healthy carb. and 3 oz veggies 

Low Carb – contain 4 oz of protein, 3 oz Cauliflower Rice. and 3 oz veggies

Do you have dine in seating?

Yes! We have indoor and outdoor seating both upstairs and downstairs. 

What’s does it mean to be a subscription customer and what are the benefit of a subscription?

Subscription customers do not pay to join the plan.  Subscription customers must order weekly and may only pause their subscription once per quarter. Those not wanting to join weekly should not sign up to be a subscription customer.  Subscription customers receive a discount on their meals for purchasing their meals weekly.  The benefits of being a subscription customer: The low-carb and athletic meals are available for subscription customers only,  guaranteed to get your meals,  and save money on their meals (all meals are the same price no mater the protein).  See the subscription information below on pricing.

How do I register to be a subscription customer?

Subscription customers must come into the store so we can register your payment method into our POS System.  You may also call us at 386-627-8885.

Do I pick my own meals each week and when do I pick up?

The menu is texted to you on Thursday’s and you must text your order back to us at 386-588-9319 by Monday at 12 pm.  If you don’t select your meals by this deadline, we will select your meals for you.  You may ask us to freeze your meals when you place your text order if you will be out of town.

What happens if I can’t pick up my order?

If you cannot pick up your order by close of business on Saturday,  we will have to discard your order and you will not be eligible for a refund.  Of course, if you have made previous arrangements with us for holding your frozen meals longer, we will honor that request.

Can I pause my subscription?

If you need to pause your subscription, please email  us at  Subscriptions customers can only pause plans once per quarter.  If you need to pause more than that, we suggest that you just utilize the Grab and Go Fridge.

What else do you offer besides meals?

In store we offer a variety of cook to order menu items including smoothies, fresh pressed juices, tacos, wraps, salads and more.   Check out our website to order online or stop in during normal business hours.  Ordering is also available on Door Dash.

How do I get additional answers to my questions?

If you can’t find your answers under FAQ’s, please email us at: or call us at (386)627-8885 during normal business hours.

How can I change my subscription to receive fewer or more meals?

Just let us know when you text your meal selection for the week by Monday at 12 pm. 

How long are the fresh meals good for?

We suggest the following guidelines: 

Seafood + Egg eat within the first 2-3 days of freeze

Poultry Eat within the first 3-5 days or freeze

Pork + Beef – Eat within the first 5-6 days or freeze

When will the menu become available?

The menu is available on our website 

Do I have to order a minimum number of meals?

For pre-order (subscriptions) you must order based on the chart below. You can also add additional meals to your order and your credit card will be charged based on the number of additional meals you have selected.

What if I have allergies to certain items?

We list all ingredients on the labels.

How do I warm my meals?

The meals are placed in BPA Free containers.  Just crack the lid and heat in the microwave for 1 – 2 minutes.

Can I get my meals delivered?

We do not offer delivery at this time.

Do you offer juice cleanses:

Yes, our juice cleanse contains 6 juices for the day.  Please call us for more information or you can order online. 

Do you cater?

Please stop in or call if you have any special requests.  Joey loves to be creative!

Do you offer anything else?

Yes, we have a cook to order menu that consists of a variety of menu items from salads to tacos and many other options.  Please check our website for our menu.

We have seating indoors and you can sit outside to eat at 4 different locations in the Southern Recreation Center.

Can I get my cook to order menu items delivered?

We are available on Door Dash

Do you serve alcohol?

We are our beer and wine license and offer beer on tap, cans and wine and wine based cocktails.

Prices Effective July 29, 2023

Meal Plan

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Cost Per Week

5 Meals Regular



5 Meals Low Carb



5 Meals Athlete



7 Meals Regular



7 Meals Low Carb



7 Meals Athlete



14 Meals Regular



14  Meals Low Carb



14  Meals Athlete



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